Our Partners

With years of experience working with various organizations, E&A has established network with local and international business partners. The network has provided E&A with strong position for expert sharing, cooperation in mega project implementation, knowledge improvement, and skill development. The followings are E&A’s Partners.

Organization Country  Specialization
CHEMSAIN Sdn Bhd Malaysian Oil and Gas, Sampling and Laboratory Testing, Engineering, Training and Development, Occupational Safety and Health, Water Infrastructure, and Information Management
Earth Systems (Australian Consultant) Australian Environmental Assessment, Social Assessment and Development Planning, Water Management, Water Treatment, Energy and Carbon, Ecology, Sustainability, Aid and International Development
SOx NOx Asia Sdn Bhd Malaysian Air, Noise, Odor Sampling and Assessment, and Geographical Information System
Master Jaya Engineering SDN Malaysian Air Pollution Control and Air Pollution Equipment Production
Phnom Penh International Consultant Co., Ltd Cambodian Impact Assessment, Engineer, Architecture, Infrastructure Development